dietbet review

Even though I am self-motivated in most areas of my life, losing weight is absolutely not one of those areas. I joke often about how I need a Jillian Michaels-type person constantly yelling at me to keep going! Being in your mid-twenties is a tough time for weight loss if you’re trying to keep up with a social calendar (or have a netflix binge).

My best friend recently introduced me to an app called DietBet to aid in my weight loss. Since everyone is looking for easy ways to stay accountable, I wanted to share my short review of the program. (Spoiler alert: You can sign up for my upcoming bet at the end!)

DietBet is a website/phone app where you bet your money that you will lose a specified amount of weight by a certain date. There are several options to chose from in terms of “bets” based on how long you want to play, how much money you want to bet, and what type of community you are looking for. For the most part, you can join a bet at any time since there is always one going on. Once your weigh in is approved (BTW- this is strict process to eliminate all cheating), you are placed into your group of DietBetters where you will interact with each other. The host of the group will post daily encouragement or tips throughout the game to build the community. At the end of the game, you will weigh out using the same weigh in process. Winners will be placed into a winners pool, and the others will simply lose their invested amount. The winners will then split the total investment pot to be cashed out or reinvested into another game.

Remember how I said I am not a self-motivated person with weight loss? DietBet made me into one! For me, the thought of losing any amount of money scared me…and it doesn’t hurt that I am overly competitive…
DietBet helped me to first change my mindset about eating. I knew I was on a tight deadline, and I a lot of weight to shed off. The mindless snacking and daily desserts before bed had to stop, or I was going to kiss my money goodbye. It started as me saying “Is eating this worth losing my money?”, but then moved to “Will I feel worse later for eating this?” and “Am I going to feel disappointment or guilt after eating this?” My willpower to say no to rewarding myself with food or using food to deal with my emotions got stronger.
This app also helped me to open up about my struggles with losing weight. You are in a group with total strangers, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of quality support you receive during the game. I was able to share my emotions during days I wanted so badly to binge on carbs or how I looked and felt around my loved ones. Not just that, I also got great tips on meal prepping and other weight loss ideas (you can thank DietBet for getting me hooked on apple cider vinegar!). Since joining, I have been an open book about my journey, even sharing how much I weigh with others (can’t say I’ve ever felt like that).
I have completed and won two dietbets and finishing my third on 6/20/17. I have lost almost 25 pounds during this time!


  • A great way to stay accountable, especially if you can’t stand losing money (or losing in general)
  • The community itself is worth giving it a try. Sometimes it’s easier to interact and open up to people you don’t know and won’t judge you for where you are in your process
  • It is basically impossible to cheat, so don’t feel like you’re up against people “working the system”
  • You can update your weight as often as you like, so DietBet can help you track your progress
  • The app is super easy to use and user-friendly
  • It costs money, and you have to pay your bet upfront or you can’t join (the lowest bets I’ve seen are $10 and the highest around $100)
  • Your weigh out weight has to be to the exact decimal place or you lose (i.e. if you have to be at 175.0 to win and you weigh in at 175.1, you lose)
  • You can’t weigh out early, even if you are at your goal weight before the bet ends
  • The payout isn’t as high as you would expect. DietBet does take a cut of the total pot before distributing to winners. However, you will never lose money if you win. 
Since I LOVE DietBet so much and feel you could benefit from it, I decided to host my own DietBet starting in July to finish off the summer! It would be so awesome to get all of Living Your Season’s followers who are looking to shed some pounds to join my community. It will be a 4-week Kickstarter where we will challenge ourselves to lose 4% of our starting weight during that time. My goal is to post daily encouragement and ideas on how to make the pounds drop. If you’re interested in signing up, check out the link below or feel free to reach out with questions. Looking forward to living this season with you!

Let me know what you think!